the inspiration for this project stemmed from a personal experience. i found myself needing to plan a trip to an unfamiliar country, but was struggling to find events and activities that matched my interests and preferences through generic search engines.

this realization sparked an idea to create an event curation app that could better connect individuals with cities and experiences. the goal of the app is to provide users with personalized recommendations based on their unique profiles, ultimately helping them to discover the best events and activities that align with their interests and needs.


01. allow people to have personalized 
curated stories.

02. reflect valuable experiences in a storytelling way.

03. improve people's connection to their cities.

how might we empower people to discover places and connect them to their cities?

why it

personalization enables a product or service to integrate so perfectly into a user's daily life or routine that the interface becomes almost imperceptible. with personalization, the product becomes so effortless that the user doesn't even notice the effort involved.

according to recent studies, a significant majority of customers, specifically 74%, experience frustration when they encounter website content that lacks personalization tailored to their needs and preferences. (infosys)

74% of consumers say “living profiles” with more detailed personal preferences would be useful if they were used to curate personalized experiences, products and offers. (accenture)

how it was designed?

i applied the double diamond design process to create the app, which involved a four-stage iterative approach of discovering, defining, developing, and delivering.

this process allowed me to thoroughly explore and understand user needs, pain points, and desires in the event-planning process, leading to the development of a more user-centric and effective app.

the double diamond process is crucial as it emphasizes the importance of user-centered design, encourages iteration and exploration, and ultimately leads to the creation of a better product.


during the discovery phase of my design process, i utilized the CSD matrix to create a structured and systematic approach to decision-making. then i created some questions to possible users. i conducted interviews with 19 people from different backgrounds.

84.2% said that when they are looking for an event, they give priority to events that have more to do with their personality, more than other things. 

63,2% said they discover new events through social media, and 84.2% said Instagram is the main social network they use. knowing this information through the research, i created two proto personas.